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Nowadays food has become easier to prepare

Nowadays food has become easier to prepare

Model Answer 1: With the advantages of technology, the human has shifted to a lifestyle in which individual requirement for delicious food has emerged not just to fulfil the hunger. They want to enjoy a diverse range of foods with a varying taste and for that have invented many new …

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Speaking-Mock-Test 1


سوالات ماک – اسپیکینگ آیلتس Part 1 – Introduction Q.  Good afternoon. My name is Kristina Pollock. Could I have your name, please?A.  Good afternoon Madam. My name is Joseph Mark and my nickname is Mark. Q.  And your candidate number?A.  My candidate number is… Q. Thank you. Now could you tell me a little …

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People – colleges or universities – reasons

People - colleges or universities - reasons

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. Model Answer 1:People primarily enrol in a college or university to achieve the necessary education and degree they require to build a career. Apart from the career, people …

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parents-their children- misbehaving/behaving badly?

parents should be responsible if their children

مسئولیت والدین در تربیت فرزندان do you think parents should be responsible if their children are misbehaving/behaving badly? do you agree or disagree with this statement? Answer: it is certainly true that parents are the second god for their children because children spend most of their time with their birth …

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Intelligent machines (robots) – advantages and disadvantages of it.

Intelligent machines (robots)

ماشین های هوشمند مانند روبات ها به طور گسترده ای به جای انسان ها قرار می گیرند. در مورد مزایا و معایب آن بحث کنید. Intelligent machines such as robots are widely deployed to take place of human beings. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of it. in this modern era, science has …

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Describe your best friend


بهترین دوستتان را توصیف کنید. You should say: who is hehow long you two are friendswhat you do together Reza is undoubtedly my best friend according to every definition I can fathom about the best buddy! He is 24 years old and a handsome fellow. His smile (both genuine and …

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How can you improve your listening skills? Take the free IELTS listening skills practice test for a total of 40 questions to help pass the exam. IELTS listening tips and practice lessons for success in your IELTS listening test. Develop your skills, learn about the test, get useful tips and much more. Sample 1: …

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Some universities now offer their courses on the internet so that people can study online. is this a positive or negative development?


بعضی از دانشگاه ها در حال حاضر دوره های خود را در اینترنت ارائه می دهند تا مردم بتوانند به صورت آنلاین مطالعه کنند. آیا این یک پیشرفت مثبت یا منفی است؟ The internet technology becomes an integral part of every human beings life. Nowadays online courses are replacing the face classes …

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